Furrow Focus from 4Rivers Equipment

4Rivers Equipment takes equipment one step further. Technology has brought opportunity for equipment efficiency, now it’s time to harness it’s potential with Furrow Focus. Walk through the process to understand the resources available at 4Rivers Equipment. Ground, Cultivate, Grow, and Yield.


The basic support and applications to get you started with precision ag. Field Mapping, JDLink, and AMS Products allow you to start piecing together the data that makes up your operation.

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Implement precision ag practices based on current data. Now that you have the data, take action! Variable rate applications and field boundaries perfect placement of your inputs.

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The tools and training that allows you to watch your operation progress through out the year. As technology from John Deere evolves, it is important to keep up with the latest features and tools available. Learn about the latest in water monitoring and wireless data transfer!

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Utilize tools to set benchmarks and make strategic decisions based on data. Now that you have used data to your advantage, take a look back at the impact with documentation.

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